LilyPad USB Link

Replacement: None. Rendered obselete by the new LilyPad Mainboard. This page is for reference only.

This is a USB to UART board that allows easy reprogramming of the LilyPad main board without the need for soldering. This board is based on the FT232RL IC from FTDI.

Board comes assembled with female connector as shown.

Note: As of November 7th, 2008, the LilyPad Mainboard is compatible with an FTDI cable and with our FTDI basic breakout. This new pinout allows the LilyPad Mainboard to work with the auto-reset feature used in the Arduino software. The LilyPad is no longer compatible with the LilyPad USB Link.


  • Implements full v2.0 USB protocol
  • Needs no external crystal
  • Internal EEPROM for device ID and Product Description strings
  • Royalty-Free Driver support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX
  • 0.9x1.25"


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