Color LCD - Nokia Olimex Mod

Replacement: None. We no longer carry this board, however we do still carry the ‘Nokia’ LCD as both a breakout board and an Arduino shield. This page is for reference only.

This is a special Olimex product that couples with the various Olimex boards that have Olimex’s special UEXT connector. This board is a simple breakout for the Nokia color LCD. Board includes LCD, DC step-up circuit for backlight, and IDC cable.

Note: We retired these a while ago but it turns out that we have a handful of them left in stock so we’re selling them at a discount for a limited time.


  • NOKIA6610 TFT LCD, 4096 colors, backlight
  • DC/DC backlight converter
  • UEXT to connect to host microcontroller (standard connector on our ARM development boards)
  • 0.1" step connectors for plug-in on top of other PCB

Customer Comments

  • Just heard from Olimex that the new LCD controllers only support 12 bit mode FYI ;-)
    there are two type of LCD controllers used in this LCD, lately our supplier deliver only 12 bit mode controllers
    Best regards”

  • Does this panel support 8 bit mode? 12 bit mode works, but the DATCTL register does not have any effect on the data format.

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