Magnetic Snap 10mm

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for these snaps. This page is for reference only.

A snap is fun, but a magnetic snap adds a whole new layer of possibilities. This are compact 10mm diameter snaps (all three pieces come as shown). They couple together very strongly (must be pried apart), rotate freely on the axis, and are electrically conductive. We've seen snaps like these soldered onto PCBs and batteries to form a strong, but quick disconnect mechanism. Overall connection resistance is less than 200 miliOhm. Snaps will couple when closer than 10mm.

Note: There have been complaints regarding the conductivity (or lack thereof) of these snaps. We are currently looking for a new supplier and in the mean time we won't be reordering the problematic connectors. We apologize for the wait but we hope to line up a new supplier soon.


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  • I second the request for a multi-pin connector. Going with five pins would make it usable with I2C, PS/2 and USB projects.

    • ...and if the contacts are concentric circles, the magnets can still be free to rotate!

  • This company has a good selection but their minimum order is quite large. If you want to share a purchase, I'm in!

  • I'm also looking for a multi-pin version of this. Like the Belkin breakfree connectors:
    (edit: for the link to work put an underscore between 07, 10 and 08BreakFree.html)
    If anybody finds where I can buy these components please let me know!

  • It'd be pretty cool to combine these with some small enclosures to use in some modular setup... I'm thinking 3 of these studs per side for 1-wire communication between blocks - anyone up for seeing if it works :D

  • Would it be possible to make one of these as a multipin connector? Or at least some sort of magnetic multipin connector, because it would be helpful for many applications.

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