Jumper Wire - 6-Pin JST White

Six pin JST connector with white, 5 inch wire outs. Connector is 2mm, NOT Standard 0.1" spacing.

Customer Comments

  • This part is NOT compatible with bread-board spaced pin-headers. This fact should be added to the description.
    ;-> (cjh)

  • This connector is JST’s PH series;

  • Ok, I know this is a ridiculous question, maybe I just didnt have enough coffee this morning. Is this connector male or female? If its female, its exactly what I need, so my fingers are crossed.

    • haha…it’s female. Just got mine in the mail today and found it’s exactly what I needed: to plug into an old Dreamcast Nexus memory card that can transfer saves to the PC. I lost the cable and this will help me to make a new one.

      • For those interested in what he is talking about you can find the sample product here and possibly software that will work with your application.
        But it appears to be a centronic connector, but I could be wrong and the link to the manual does not list it either.

  • does anyone know which JST series this is? I bought this and the 4 pin JST but SF doesn’t sell the male connector and I don’t know which of the bazillion versions of JST to order from digikey

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