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Wee (Compatible with Arduino)

**Replacement: **DEV-09218 and DEV-09220. This is the older version of the Pro Mini. This page is for reference only.

SparkFun's minimal design approach to Arduino. This is a 3.3V Arduino running the 8MHz bootloader (select 'LilyPad' within the Arduino software). The Wee is not a fully certified Arduino board. We're working with Arduino.cc towards certification. You'll know we're close when the boards go from Red to Blue. Future revisions will have multiple changes.

Wee does not come with connectors populated so that you can solder in any connector or wire with any orientation you need.

We really wanted to minimize the cost of an Arduino. The Wee is like the Arduino Mini (same pin out) but to keep the cost low, we used all SMD components, made it two layer, etc. This board connects directly to the LilyPad USB Link (listed below). Wee does not currently support remote reset from the Arduino Software, but we're working on it.

Wee was designed to be... well, Wee. There's nothing there that doesn't need to be.

  • ATmega168V running at 8MHz with external resonator (0.5% tolerance)
  • Low-voltage board needs no interfacing circuitry to popular 3.3V devices and modules (GPS, Accelerometers, sensors, etc)
  • USB connection off board
  • 3.3V regulator
  • DC input 3.3V up to 12V
  • On board Power and Status LEDs



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  • The LilyPad USB Link doesn't seem to be 'listed below', but I take it that this one works?

  • This board is perfect for thousands of super small applications. With the help of some right angle pins it mates perfectly with the lily pad USB link. An other plus is how thin this board is. You could make it into a really cool flat thing that blinks or a really small robot that fits in your pocket. I personally bought it to make a robot and I'd say you should give this board a try.

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