DockXtender iPod Extension Cable

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this cable. This page is for reference only.

The DockXtender Cable is a high-quality male to female extension cable that allows you to dock your iPod, iPad or iPhone from a distance. The cable is 6 feet in length.

DockXtender passes all functionality through to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Anything your iPod can do when directly attached to your accessory, can also be done when connected with the dockXtender. Listen to audio, watch video, record a memo, charge, sync, control your device, and more.

Each wire in the dockXtender is tailored specifically for the function it performs. A 2-tier shielding system puts all video and audio signals inside a separate shielding to reduce interference from the other signals traveling through the wire.


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  • Does anyone know if this works with the IPhone 3G?

  • doesnt seem like its worth the $31 if it cant record or it cant pass S-video output

  • For clarification, does this cable pass through the serial port lines (rx/tx)? I believe that is what is needed for remote-control functionality but it's not completely clear from the description.

    • Since the 2nd item on the list of capability is "Playlist control (forward, backward, play, pause, etc)", one could assume that the serial data lines are present. If that's true, this could make a great breakout cable to access the serial data lines.

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