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These are video glasses. Given an input from iPod, RCA camera, or other video source, the image is displayed on two color screens located within the glasses. The optics on the two screens are nicely arranged so that you get the feel of a single screen. The manufacturer advertises this as an 72" wide screen effect. We're not sure about that, but we did attach one of our cameras, up side down, to the front of the glasses and timed who could get down the hall the fastest. Ideal for a heads up display (HUD) or for general viewing pleasure.

Works with X-Box, PS2, iPod, PMPs, and anything else with the standard RCA outputs (DVD players, TVs, etc).

** Package includes:**

  • Glasses
  • Headphones
  • Li-Ion battery pack 800mAh
  • Charger
  • Three interface cables
  • 432*240 pixel display
  • Video input 1 Vpp/75Ohm
  • Stereo sound
  • Auto NTSC/PAL signal input


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  • These are very similar to a set that I have worked with. They can be modded to accept two inputs, but it requires buying two sets of the headset, as you need a controller board for each display.
    As far as through vision, not sure that that is possible, as it would require removing the backlight from the displays, which would probably ruin them.

  • Does anybody know If the front part is removable, so that you could see through the displays? I kind of want to take Quazar's idea further, and show CG objects in real life, so that it's like being in a game. Anyway, has anybody hacked these for thru-sight and stereo vision?
    (I'm with Arachnivore on this one)

  • It looks like this takes a single video signal and displays it to both eyes.
    Any idea if this thing can be hacked to take a different video signal for each eye?
    I've been wanting to experiment with stereo-vision teleoperation, but the dual-signal video display glasses I've found are prohibitively expensive.

  • Shouldn't this be in the LCDs category? How is this a sensor?

  • How much did these cost, and where can I get them?

  • Can anyone tell me where to get these? or something like them? These would be wicked awsome to use in HUD projects... like nightvision/infared ect

  • The pinout on the Kopin (from memory) is
    pin 1: 3.3V
    pin 2: GND
    pin 3: Video NTSC/PAL
    pin 4: Video Shield/Ground
    pin 5: Right Audio (left? -- read the data sheet)
    pin 6: Left Audio (right? -- see above ^^)
    pin 7: Audio shield/ground
    Pin 1 should be labeled (really tiny) on the 7-pin JST SH header. The Kopins work on 2xAA Alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable) just fine.
    OBE, since this is out-of-stock, but hope it helps.

  • I'm pretty sure these use something similar to a Kopin BDM-230K or similar (the MyVu media player and other video glasses use these modules). The eyepieces look near exactly like my BDM230K.
    The Kopin displays take NTSC/PAL video, and I think they put alternate scan lines on the right/left sides (I could be wrong -- they might display the same image), so it might be possible to get stereo vision. I believe they run from the same driver module.
    Removing the backlight will possibly just ruin the module -- I don't think these can be made into a HUD, though the small field of view means you can be wearing them and still see other things.
    I own a BDM230K that I picked up for $45 from a fellow who worked on Trimersion prototypes. You can pick up a Trimersion for about $100 and dissect it for a Kopin display, Airwave 630/634 A/V Tx/Rx modules, and some other good, hackable stuff. Data sheets for the Kopin modules are all available.
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