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Bluetooth SMD Module - Bluegiga

Replacement: None. We don't carry a direct replacement for this module but check out the Bluetooth category for some other modules that might meet your needs! This page is for reference only.

We love the Roving Network and BGB203 based Bluetooth® modules. But when we needed a module with built-in audio capabilities, we had to go searching. Finding the Bluegiga line was a pleasant surprise. Good datasheets, a powerful module, and wonderful tech support.

The Bluegiga module provides the highest level of integration with integrated 2.4GHz radio, DSP, battery charger, stereo codec and antenna ready to hit mono and stereo audio applications. WT32 is also fully ready to support the latest Bluetooth**® **technology v2.1 + EDR standard.

The embedded DSP core allows enhancement of the product with features such as advanced audio decoding, echo cancellation, noise reduction and data manipulation.

WT32 combined with Bluegiga’s flexible iWRAP firmware enables device manufacturers to easily add wireless, secure and standard based Bluetooth® connectivity into new or existing applications with minimized development and manufacturing effort. The module is Bluetooth® end-product, CE, FCC and IC certified.

WT32 supports several different integration designs:


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  • Hi guys,

    "The module can be configured to operate autonomously", does this mean I can set it up with my project without the need of a microcontroller/arduino? and send the signal directly to a smartphone? that'd be awesome...


  • We found this great Bluegiga WT12 USB dongle here http://esdn.com.au/store.htm I heard it is also available on inmojo.com

  • Hello... Currently i'm trying to do a pet detector using Bluetooth so may i know which Bluetooth module that is able to measure the range distance? Hope for advice asap,thx^^

  • Did you guys stop carrying this?

    • Unfortunately we did, as it was too slow of a seller. However, you can find it on a breakout board here.

  • Does anyone know which bluetooth is connectable to Android?

  • Will the battery charger on this be suitable for a 3.7V Lithium? It says it charges at 4.2V

    • It is suitable for the 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery the charge cut off voltage is 4.2

      • It's made to charge a 1 cell Lithium poly battery. 4.2V is the max voltage you want a 1 cell to reach as you're charging it. 3.7V is the nominal voltage of the cell. Fully charged it will sit at 4.2V. Once you start pulling current from it the voltage will sag to 4.1V down to 3.1ish then it's dead and needs to be recharged. So yes it's suitable.

  • I have a project where I need to send analog audio and transmit it to something like a (generic??) bluetooth cell phone earbud. Anyone know whether this module can do that?

  • I need a bluetooth hub. I have 3 bluetooth stereo speakers but can only connect to 1 from my current bluetooth usb adapter on my computer. Is there anything like a bluetooth hub where I can connect all 3? Your suggestions are warmly welcome.

  • BlueGiga released a couple of months ago the iWRAP4 FW. Do your WT32 have iWRAP4 or 3 loaded? If v.3, do you plan to upgrade them to 4, or ask BlueGiga for an upgrade? For us (users) the upgrade is sort of a pain, since requires an extinct PC parallel port, external circuitry and access to SPI pins. Thx!

    • Bluegiga offers DFU tool with new firmware and it allows you to upgrade through serial port. You don't need to use SPI. I have successfully upgraded my breakout board comes with iWRAP3.0 to iWRAP4.0 through serial port.

  • what is the iWrap firmware version on this chip? Please advise,

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