Icecube Light Pipe Switch

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this part, it has been discontinued. This page is for reference only.

Icecube is a creative combination of a light pipe and a switch. It's basically a clear button that you can light up to be any color! The plastic allows any light source to be routed into the clear plastic. The Icecube then clips to the head of a regular momentary switch. We used a switch with a tall actuator so that we could use the Icecube with a standard 5mm LED. The Icecube works best when incorporated into a frame or bezel. The bezel will shroud the Icecube allowing the button much greater contrast as well as supporting the Icecube on top of the switch.


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  • Ah man! I was wondering why I couldn't find this part, it was going to be perfect for a project I 'm planning. Any reason for it's retirement? Low circulation? Hard to supply?

    Any possibility of a revival?

  • Can we get accurate dimensions? The scale guides in the pictures show these to be 3 inches by 8 inches.

  • I wish the stem was ROUND, it's so hard to make/file square holes in front panels.

  • What's the suggested cutout and mounting setup for this? The drawing doesn't really say.
    I assume a rectangular hole, does it need a panel thick enough to keep it from wiggling around? What's the distance needed from the back of the panel to the top of the pc board if you're using the suggested switch? From the phone it looks like an inch or so.

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