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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

Creative Commons images are CC BY 2.0

Description: This is a large, extremely handy, 4" long, rounded, double sided perf board. Standard 0.1" spacing with a 4-40 (3mm) holes for mounting. The neat thing about this board is the group of three holes per pad. One hole is 39mil, large enough for regular 22AWG wire. The other two holes are electrically connected to the main hole but are smaller 24mil diameter and work with our 30AWG wire wrap wire.

Note: Color my vary. They can be either green or red.

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Customer Comments

  • Beautiful little board. I came back for a couple more.
    I’m wishing I had a mini drill press right about now because these would make perfect empty canvas arduino shields if you just went two more rows wide. It seems you could do that without making the board itself any wider. Hint, hint, next run? :)
    Very well made and the triple hole design is great.

  • This would make a great board for a video game controller!

  • Does this make anyone say, “Esplora Protoboard!”??

  • Someone tell me how you’re supposed to use this… I think I need one but I don’t know how to use these.

  • this board should say oval instead of round , maybe ?

    • I think round is more appropriate than oval - since it’s not an oval. It’s also certainly not a circle. Technically it’s not all round either, given that there’s 2 straight edges. It took entirely more time than I’m willing to admit to, to find the proper name of this, so I’ll state first the two alternatives:

      1. Surprisingly, oval. ‘Oval’ is, apparently, not all that well defined. While I, and seemingly most people, think of a circle stretched in a single dimension aka an ellipse, the shape we’re discussing also fits some definitions of ‘oval’.

      2. Rounded rectangle. While commonly this refers to just the corners being circular sectors thus leaving 4 straight edges, this would simply be a special case, just as having all 4 corners rounded so far that no straight edges remain causes you to end up with the special case of a circle.

      Now for its actual name: Stadium.

      I think that might conjure up more confusion than just ‘round’, though :)

  • These are AMAZING. Very well built, 3 hole per pad design is super useful, and board is very durable.

  • Will these be restocked in, say, the next week?

    • It looks like it’s going to be a few weeks more before they get restocked. Hopefully they come in sooner than that, but it probably won’t be this week unfortunately.

  • The picture shows a red board but mine was green. No big deal, but perhaps they should be sold in different colours, or the pictures should get an upgrade.

  • It’s pretty good for building a hand-held device!

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