Coin Cell Battery Rechargeable - 24.5mm

Replacement:PRT-10319. We found a better supplier for these. This page is for reference only.

A really cool rechargeable Lithium Ion coin cell battery. The battery is rated for 3.7V @ 200mAh - a great way to run a small embedded project for hours. This battery is a standard CR2450 battery size.

** Weight: **6.4g

** Datasheet: **PD2450 Datasheet

  • 24.5x5.2mm


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  • Member #142116 / about 14 years ago / 1

    Any chance you guys are bringing these back?

  • For comparison, the 20mAH cell ( ) is 2.1 grams or 0.9g if you remove the JST cable and connector.

  • Kevin Vermeer / about 14 years ago / 1

    What is the self discharge rate of this battery? No one seems to post specs on the voltage at anything resembling the power requirements of a low-power embedded system (<100uA average current, preferably closer to <10uA average current). It seems that, for many small systems (Digital watches and pacemakers come to mind)that the leakage current will likely be the dominating factor.
    Maybe you guys have a logging DMM that you can clip to one of these and leave in the back room for a couple weeks to get an initial characterization? (At a 1meg test lead impedance, you'd be giving it a 3.7uA discharge, which would be about right.)

  • Sam Lanzo / about 14 years ago / 1

    Does anyone know if a MAX1555 chip, like the one in the Sparkfun LiPo chargers, would be a good way to recharge this battery?

    • KF6WRW / about 14 years ago / 1

      This question requires a little more of a answer than you have received.
      Charging li+ batteries too quickly can damage them.
      You should be able to use one of the max1555 chargers from sparkfun to charge these cells, but only if you charge them from USB.
      The datasheet for these batteries lists the charge rate at around 100 mA. The max1555 charger charges at right about 100 mA when using usb as your power supply.
      Charging from DC will charge them too quickly.
      Good luck!

    • Yes that should work to recharge this battery. The MAX1555 can recharge lithium-based batteries.

  • Nordica / about 16 years ago / 1

    Can I use PRT-00726 LiPoly Charger to charge this battery?
    If not, how to charge PRT-08818? Is this battery suitable for a SD card based data logging system?

  • Kevin / about 16 years ago / 1

    Are there any battery holders on your site that will fit this cell, I didn't find any when I looked through, but I might have missed one.

    • Sorry, it took us a bit of time. Holder is now available and listed below.

      • Kevin / about 16 years ago / 1

        Thanks, that holder will work. I now have a 2nd question. As I looking into Lithium-Ion recharging, I'm learning that you should have a protection circuit that protect from over-current and over-voltage draws. Seems like this circuit should be in place when charging or discharging the battery (I noticed the lithium pouches have this). Could sparkfun provide a simple protection circuit for use this this battery and some of your other lithium-ion batteries?

        • Kipp / about 15 years ago / 1

          The protection circuit does exactly what you said -- prevents overcharge, overdischarge and short-circuit. If your own charge-management is guaranteed not to do any of the above, you will be fine.
          Keep in mind that charging these batteries in series can lead to overcharging. (8.4V total does not necessarily mean 4.2V each)

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