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Sanav ML-7 GPS Logger

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this item. This page is for reference only.

The ML-7 is a truly compact GPS logger from Sanav. Measuring only 1.8" long and 0.7" wide, it's smaller than most of my keys! Capable of getting a lock inside and near windows, this logger works well even without a clear view of the sky.

You download the logs using the software from Sanav and a special USB cable that only works with the ML-7. It looks like a USB to miniB cable, but there is actually a Prolific USB-to-UART serial IC in the molding on the USB-'A' end of the cable. This was a smart idea - offload the USB IC to save space within the logger, but makes this otherwise common looking USB cable very important to keep track of. Serial TX and RX signals are delivered to the ML-7 where there should be USB-D+ and USB-D- on the miniB connector.

Internal 170mAh LiPo will last for 5-6 hours (this unit does not have the power save mode). This kit includes a US type AC to USB-5V adapter to charge the ML-7.

Internal GPS is based on the EB-230 from TSI with a passive GPS chip antenna.

Kit includes logger, cable, adapter, and software.

  • 0.6x0.71x1.85"
  • 12.4g


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  • I made some notes on using the ML-7, especially with Apple OS X, on this page: http://www.dudek.org/blog/164 since OS X drivers are not included or present on the vendor site. Re. the other comment, about the cables as stand-alone products, they cable seems similar to some times of cable based on the FDTI chipset.

  • Any chance the USB-to-UART cable and the (I'm assuming) wall wart with 5V USB output might be available as freestanding products?

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