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Lantronix XPort Breakout

**Replacement: **BOB-09965. The new version has a corrected pinout to match the new connector. This page is for reference only.

This is a breakout board for the Lantronix XPort embedded device server. The board takes all signals and breaks them out to a 0.1"-spaced header for easy prototyping on breadboards or perfboards.

This is the bare board only. The Lantronix XPort is sold separately.

  • 1.25x0.8" (32x20mm)


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  • I like this board, and still ordered the NKC Electronics version due to prior comments here.
    Have you considered a version with 5V to 3.3V power regulation and logic level conversion (preferably bidirectional for the three GPIO capable pins)? Something similar to the regulated Xbee BoB.

  • Until Lantronics create a PoE XPort (or a WLAN-XPort :), built-in level conversion would be a Really Nice Thing. Until then, there's always the BOB-08745 logic level converter and regulators... :-/

  • I am interested in this board. Is the PCB mistake (bad line up) corrected to accept the Xport ?
    Any more information ?

  • Has the XPORT ben revised? The shield tabs do not line up with the holes on this board.

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