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Breakout Board for VS1053 MP3 and MIDI

Replacement:BOB-09943. We've sold out of the "greenwired" boards, but the revised version is still available. This page is for reference only.

The VS1053 is a great MP3 decoder, and with this breakout board, it's easy to drop it into any project. The VS1053 is capable of decoding Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI audio and encoding IMA ADPCM and user-loadable Ogg Vorbis. Can drive 30 Ohm headphones with no additional power supply..

Note: We discovered an obscure issue with these boards. The TEST pin needs to be tied in to IOVDD or else some erratic behavior in certain circumstances. For our remaining stock, we tied these pins together with a jumper wire, as seen in the pictures. We have a new version which fixes this issue.

  • Separate Audio and Digital 3.3V supplies
  • Onboard 12.288MHz oscillator* 1.55x1.2"
  • 1.1" between headers


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  • wat difference wud it make if i design my own board on eagle or dip-trace....??
    guys, i need ur help... pls rply me as soon as possible...

  • I love how it's pin-pin backwards compatible with the other MP3 decoder breakout boards.

  • so i don't have a wire on my board so it is broken? I spent �15 on a broken piece of board? Hate to break it too you but paying for stuff when you are young is hard. I get �18 a week so a week's wages have gone in the bin

    • It is a very small issue that only affected about 1% of applications. Most likely the board will work fine for you. We were selling these for years and sold hundreds without the fix and only a handful run into problems. If you end up having an issue, contact cservice@sparkfun.com.

      • ok thankyou for the reply. i am getting some probems though. I will get back to you

        • sure. but in all honesty, it was a minor issue that wasn't apparent for years. we will help you out if you have ANY issues. we do not intend to sell non-working products.

  • VLSI Solutions has a great doc to make a real-time midi module out of this, including the MIDI interface to connect it to at:
    JOEE: I think this is the link you were referencing as "Schematic for MIDI interface (4 components)"

  • Great to see the test/dreq issue fixed, thanks!

  • Problem with DREQ / XTEST on v1.3 and v1.4:
    Q&D Solution: shorting between pin 31 (CVDD) and 32 (XTEST) direct on the VS1053 chip

  • Hello, the schematic is v14 (it has 3 regulators), but the eagle files is v11 (it has two regulators).
    Can you please update the eagle files?
    best regards,

  • Links:
    A fix for misbehavin' boards:
    (fine soldering required).
    Using this BOB as a stand-alone synth:
    Schematic for MIDI interface (4 components):

  • (because there are three of them in the schematic)

  • What kind of voltage regulators are being used? I would like to check their current consumption. And where is the third voltage regulator? I only see two of them on the picture.

    • Am also curious about the part numbers on the Vregs. Would like to incorporate this into a custom circuit.

  • Is the VCC here expecting to be 3.3V or 5V?

  • Excellent decoder. Plays MP3 even at 320kbps, with spatial processing and bass enhancement. Unfortunately I fried my analog outputs after an accident involving a speaker and opamp. Amazingly enough, the rest of it still works.

  • Was it really necessary to add an LED?

  • I don't get it. Am I supposed to make a solder joint on that tripad thingy? When I connect power, +5V to VCC and GND to common ground the LED doesn't light up, but when I test the LED with my instrument it lights up all nice and red.

  • Nate: We currently have the '1053B' IC in stock and is being populated.
    That didn't really clearly answer the question. If I order some of these today, will there be a 1053B on the boards I receive? Thank you.

    • Yes. Everything in our facility (on boards, shipping, in part stock) is 1053B.

  • is there mounted the 1053 version B ?

  • wow that was quick...new item posted today and already out of stock?

  • great !!!

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