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Frequency Counter Kit

Replacement:KIT-10014. We are now building these in-house. This page is for reference only.

The FunCount kit from Nuxie includes everything needed to build a frequency counter capable of measuring frequencies from 1Hz to over 2MHz. Perfect for use with the FunGen also available.

This simple design uses the 20 pin ATTiny2313 microcontroller to measure frequencies from 1Hz to over 2MHz. The PCB also provides access to the unused microcontroller pins, so that the board can also be used as a general purpose AVR development board with an LCD.

The frequency is displayed on a standard HD44780 16x2 LCD. A bright white text, blue backlit LCD is included with the kit.

The input voltage needs to have at least a 3V swing to be able to trigger the counter.

The kit requires a regulated 5VDC supply.

  • FunCount PCB
  • Preprogrammed ATTiny2313 Atmel Microcontroller
  • 16x2 Blue backlit LCD
  • 3pin Screw Terminal
  • 10kOhm Contrast potentiometer
  • 20MHz Crystal
  • 2 - 22pF Cap
  • 100uF Cap
  • 0.1uF Cap
  • 2 - 10kOhm Resistor
  • 2 - 390Ohm Resistor
  • Green LED
  • 16pin Male Header
  • 16pin Female Header


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  • Atmel'a Dragon ISP is a good USB programmer for 50 bucks, and Atmel's STK500 is a good serial ISP programmer/development board for under 100 bucks. Sparkfun also sells a bunch of non-Atmel endorsed AVR ISP programmers, just look in the Programmers>AVR category. I have both the Dragon and the STK500 and I am happy with both.

  • Great little kit, just trying to figure out firmware mods. anybody have any good advice on a programmer?

  • Great little kit, just trying to figure out firmware mods. anybody have any good advice on a programmer?

  • Hello,
    when I download the firmware it gives me a file corrupt or invalid error. Anyone else having the same problem ?

  • Took several tries but I got the USB attached and the whole thing is working! Now I need a signal generator...

  • Mine arrived today! I'm guessing that the USB mini-B header is an alternate way to power the board. The silkscreen for C1 has a white '-' looking mark on the lead that ties into the positive line, and I'm a little concerned that R2 will interfere with the 6 pin ICSP port (yeah, I plan to use it!)
    Other than that it looks like a good, clean board. I'll have to post some photos after I melt some solder.

  • HI dear friends?
    Good Idea...Good Project.
    ...i only want to note this...the link for Schematic has the same url for Firmware.
    Good Idea...Good Project.

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