Ding and Dent Production Builds - GPS

It’s that time of year when we sell off our production scrap. These board do not work, but they make for great practice, and if you’re good with the tools, you might even salvage some serious dough. These boards are a great way to encourage hot-air rework, scoring usable parts, and not having to fret if the rework goes poorly.

The production scrap is divided up into the applicable store front category. It’s a surprise! You might get any failed product within that category. This product is for an item from the GPS Category.

Defects range from incorrect designs, PCB defects, incorrectly assembled boards, bad parts, bad soldering, blemishes, or anything that would make the SparkFun product not able to be sold on our store front.

Units come in single pieces and there in no guarantee as to what you will be receiving, but we can guarantee that you will not receive a blank PCB!

We cannot accept requests, returns, exchanges, provide documentation, or provide support on any aspect of these boards.

We hope you can give a second life to some of these parts!

Customer Comments

  • In the second sentence, it should be “These boards do not work…” not “These board…"
    Also, in the 4th paragraph, it should be ”…there is no guarantee…“ rather than ”…there in no guarantee…“
    Just continuing on BoWingo’s work! :)

  • “We cannot except requests…” should be “We cannot accept requests…”

  • Wow, only thirty minutes after I saw the auto notification email (that new stock was available today) and they’re sold out!

  • When will you guys be getting some more of these? I am learning how to solder, and would love to pick up a few with some super bright LED lights. :D

  • So, any change these boards have a working GPS Rx on them???

  • I ordered three of these during the most recent ding and dent sale, and received three Venus GPS modules. It appears there was a problem with the inductor in the bias tee which caused these to go in the reject bin. One unit had a pad ripped off, one looked a little messed up from a rework attempt, and one looked ok visually but actually needed a reflow. I ended up fixing all three! All it took was some solder work and a 10 cent inductor from Digikey. All three power on, get lock, and work great. Thank you Sparkfun! I will put these to good use.

  • What a rip off! I was expecting a bag of junk to play with and what I got was one tinny piece of junk!

    At least I don’t have to worry about overloading my junk drawer. The fair price for what I got was about a nickel. I won’t be ordering this again!

    • I can’t comment as to the exact item you got, but the description clearly states:

      Units come in single pieces and there in no guarantee as to what you will be receiving

      In addition, there’s a comment from 2 years ago that re-states it.

      It’s a bit of a grab bag… except that the bag is roughly the trash bin. For $3 you might get ‘one tinny piece of junk’, or you might get a board that just needs a component to be reseated and then works just fine and you saved yourself quite a bit, or anything in between. There’s always the $1 ding-and-dent (when that’s in stock) if you feel the cost of a burger is too high to throw at it :)

  • Could we get a more up-to-date set of pictures?

  • Do you get a pile (10+) or handful (5-10) or few (3-5) or just one?
    As I need practice :D

    • Just one, but they come with plenty of components on board. If you are looking for more along the lines of soldering practice and not part salvaging, I recommend going with the cheaper ding and dents.

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