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It's that time of year when we sell off our production scrap. These board do not work, but they make for great practice, and if you're good with the tools, you might even salvage some serious dough. These boards are a great way to encourage hot-air rework, scoring usable parts, and not having to fret if the rework goes poorly.

The production scrap is divided up into the applicable store front category. It's a surprise! You might get any failed product within that category. This product is for an item from a category not covered by the other categories (like Widgets!).

Defects range from incorrect designs, PCB defects, incorrectly assembled boards, bad parts, bad soldering, blemishes, or anything that would make the SparkFun product not able to be sold on our store front.

Units come in single pieces and there in no guarantee as to what you will be receiving, but we can guarantee that you will not receive a blank PCB!

**We cannot accept requests, returns, exchanges, provide documentation, or provide support on any aspect of these boards. **

We hope you can give a second life to some of these parts!


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  • so, never to come back in stock. I would definitely buy some of the dings and dents but none are in stock (and definitely not "the dumpster dive")

  • Would be quite nice if they (SFE) provided documentation for some of these at the least, just so that we know what's wrong if a circuit board. Hmm...

  • I got one of those mems boards too. connected it to arduino and keeped getting an analog values of 508-510. Once i put my finger on top of the board and pressed down it would go as high as 535. Hummmm.

  • Thornton Dan,
    How long ago did you order these. As of Monday-Tues this week they had some new ones come up on the ding and dents. Was wondering if i should save by buck or two. Did you order anything else from ding/dents. Just curious to see what I will be getting. I'm hoping for an IMP w/shield.

    • I bought these yesterday. Bought 10 units of the ding and dents and ended up with ten ADMP401 MEMS Microphones. I will eventually test all of them. I just threw a third on the scope with no signal (except the noise of the fluorescent light on my hutch). I am going to try and heat up the MEMS chip and see if maybe it just needs a bit of a reflow (not sure if heating up the package with a soldering iron is considered reflowing but I don't have a hot air station). Of course I could kill it in the process, but hey, after this I have 7 left still.

      EDIT: Held the soldering on the MEMS package and managed to slide it off, whoops. I pulled out a second one, held the package steady and threw it on the scope, no change.

  • Got 15x ADMP401 MEMS Microphone

    The only negative I see is I have no use for microphones

    Any ideas what I can do with 15x mics?

    • Phased array mosquito tracker.

      • A camera would be better I think. Maybe a 3-dimesianal visualizer? Also do you or anyone else know why they were considered ding'ed

        • I ended up with 10 of these, so far the two I have tested are both bad, no signal showing up at all on my old Tek 465M scope. Looking at the product itself I am wondering if there was a bad run of these? I removed a mems chip and tested the points with my multimeter, that seems just fine.

  • would buy but postal 44€, easier to go fleamarkets... :/

  • Wow, only thirty minutes after I saw the auto notification email (that new stock was available today) and they're sold out!

  • How many of these do you guys get a week, or perhaps a month?
    I would like to pick up a few to practice soldering on, being that the GPS ones are not worth practicing on as I read.

  • always out of stock

  • oooosh! i came late!

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