Gyro Breakout Board - ADXRS614 - 50°/s

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this part, however check the gyro category for our other gyros. This page is for reference only.

The ADXRS MEMs gyroscope from Analog Devices is a great sensor. The BGA package has hindered users for long enough. You can now use gyroscope rate sensing in your own projects with this miniature breakout board from Spark Fun Electronics.

Units come fully populated and tested with an empty 0.1" spaced footprint ready for a straight header, right angle header (recommended), or your own wires/umbilical cable.

Not sure which gyro is right for you? Our Accelerometer and Gyro Buying Guide might help!

Weight: 1g without header

Resources and Applications (Inverted / reverse pendulum robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, etc.):

  • 0.60"x0.60" (15.25mmx15.25mm)


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  • We're torn because our users want the range of output bandwidths. We choose a large bandwidth allowing the customer to reduce the bandwidth as they see fit for their application. Adding an RC filtering will help a lot for 10Hz applications.

  • Member23219 / about 15 years ago / 1

    The Analog Devices evaluation boards set the bandwidth to 10-Hz which what I need, the Sparkfun breakout boards seem have the BW set much higher >300Hz.
    Is there provision on the breakout board to adjust the bandwidth by modifying Cout? Or do you recommend putting an RC-filter on the output to reduce the BW?

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