HotPot Wiper/Actuator - 3N to 5N Force

**Replacement: **None. This has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We do still have the 1N to 3N version though. This page is for reference only.

This is a small wiper/actuator that is used to provide adequate and even pressure on the surfaces of the HotPot potentiometers. Unit provides 3-5N of force.

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Once the current stock is gone, there will not be any more available.


  • M614 Threads
  • One thread per 1mm
  • 14mm length

Customer Comments

  • Once these run out you can find them at tooling supply stores such as McMaster or Reid. They are called spring plungers with a Delrin nose. They are quite a bit cheaper here though.

  • If someone buys this please let me know if it levitates like in the photo.

    • i wish it did levitate, lol.

    • Sorry - no it does not levitate. That's just our photographer trying to demonstrate how the wiper works. It should be shown at a 90degree right angle to the Pot, not levitating magically at 45 degrees...

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