UART to RS232 Interface Card

**Replacement: **None. There is no direct replacement. This page is for reference only.

UART to RS232interface card for the Powerline Communications modem. This small module plugs into the XBee socket and gives the PLC board a standard RS232 interface.


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  • This card can be used anywhere you want to convert a standard XBee or XBee Pro socket to a wired RS232 connection, not just for the LinkSprite PLC boards.
    It uses a Sipex SP3232EEN IC to do the 3.3v to RS232 level conversions.
    If you need to temporarily or permanently replace an XBee with a wired serial connection, this board is a plug-and-play solution: just pop the XBee out of its socket, plug this one in, and connect your serial cable to the DB9 connector, and Bob's your uncle. It doesn't get any easier than this.

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