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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: Description: This is the SMD connector for the Nintendo DS touch screen. 4-pin right angle ZIF connector at 0.5 mm pitch.

This connector is compatible with the Sharp Color 24-Bit LCD.


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Customer Comments

  • I’m using a touchscreen for dsi xl, and the thickness is just fine. I’m thinking that the other people who posted above maybe didn’t realise that the small piece of black plastic must slide backwards to lock the ribbon in.

    • There are various thicknesses of DS touch screens. Some appear to work with these breakout boards… others are too thin.<br />
      <br />
      Even taking out the black tab, and putting the ribbon in, then putting the black tab back in. It falls back out.<br />
      <br />
      Short of measuring the thickness of your ribbon cable… I’m not sure how to make these work… some have suggested using paper as a “filler”.

  • This is a real lifesaver. I’m using it to power the backlight for a screen from a digital camera.

  • Some other things to note:
    1. These connectors assume that you will be putting the components on the “back side” of the board. The “top” of the connector (the side furthest from the solder leads) faces the back of these touch screens. Apparently you can get connectors that allow the connector to be on the “front” of the PCB…
    2. These screens are about the same thickness as common circuit boards. It may be possible to make some sort of bezzel/enclosure for these entirly out of some funky PCB engineering…

  • These connectors do not work with the DS Touch screen unless you are able to add thickness to the touch screen’s ribbon cable. According to the following post, the existing ribbon cable is 0.10mm thick while these connectors expect the cable to be 0.30mm thick. Without some sort of backing on the ribbon cable, the cable will just fall out of these.
    It would have been good to know this information before I purchased the breakout boards…

    • I just received these little guys today that I want to use with some ninetendod ds touch screens I got on ebay. This comment thread was very helpful in informing me that the little black slidy thing needs to be moved away from the y1,x2,y2,x1 edge of the board.. I had no clue. As far as the thickness goes, I used an exacto blade to cut a piece of Scotch Magic tape the size of the connection pad on the ribbon cable and applied it to the back of the ribbon cable (other side from the connection side) .. it stuck on find and allowed the connector on the breakout board to firmly grasp the board.

    • Thanks, it wouldn’t work at all for me, I put a couple of thin strips of paper with it, and it works.

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