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Antenna GPS Chip-Scale

That is a GPS chip antenna. Itty-bitty! And we were just as surprised when it picked up just as many satellites as the larger ceramic antennas. The PDOP and VDOP (dilution of precision) of these chip antennas are greater than their ceramic siblings and the gain is not as great (to be expected), but heck, if you can get a lock with this little guy, who cares?

Note: This is just a GPS *antenna *and is not a complete GPS module. For a complete module, check out our GPS category.

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  • Central Frequency - 1575MHz
  • Gain (Typical) - 2.5dBi
  • Return Loss (db) - -9.5(min)
  • Pattern - Omni-directional
  • Impedance - 50Ohm
  • 2x7mm

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  • For a second I thought Sparkfun was selling their prized quarter! lol!!

  • I this a direct replacement for the old chip scale GPS antenna you used to sell? (GPS-08418)

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to use this antenna in a track and trace device? If so, i want to order a few to test it. i allready have build the track and trace device, but stil looking for the right antenna. i also need a very small GSM antenna, maybe you can advise me in this to.

    Best regards, Adrie De Maesschalck van Gistellelaan 40 4571EK Axel the Netherlands

    • You should be able to use this antenna with any GPS module, but its small enough that you will most likely want a custom PCB to connect the antenna to the GPS module and other circuitry. As for a GSM antenna, we don't have any recommendations.

  • I know nothing about technology but I need a very small GPS unit for a school project. Is this a product that would help me?

  • I know nothing about technology but I need a very small GPS unit for a school project. Is this a product that would help me?

  • Have you tried this antenna with the Venus634FLPx ?

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