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ZIF Socket 40-Pin 0.6"

This is a high-quality, easy to use 40 pin ZIF socket that is 0.6" wide with gold-plated contacts. Compatible with 0.3" up to 0.6" wide ICs up to 40-pins. Makes for easy connecting or programming to many DIP ICs. High conductivity terminals create solid connections. Armature makes it easy to open and close socket.

ZIF Socket 40-Pin 0.6" Product Help and Resources

Core Skill: Soldering

This skill defines how difficult the soldering is on a particular product. It might be a couple simple solder joints, or require special reflow tools.

2 Soldering

Skill Level: Rookie - The number of pins increases, and you will have to determine polarity of components and some of the components might be a bit trickier or close together. You might need solder wick or flux.
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  • FYI the sparkfun eagle library has two slightly different drill sizes for this part, enough to cause the cnc to choose a different drill.

  • What about a datasheet? I don't know what size hole to make for the pins...

  • So this will fit into a breadboard?? .100 pin spacing????

    • Kinda, you will need to solder them onto a veroboard (or an IC prototyping sheet if you can get one that is big enough but not too big), and then use SIL (single inline) headers. You can do them the same pitch but from my experience I would strongly recommend soldering the SIL headers to the OUTSIDE of the socket and then using a rotory tool (such as a dremel) to trim the board back (remember to wear facemask and/or use dust extraction as fibreglass dust is nasty stuff you don't want having a pool party in your lungs.)

      Pro tip though, leave the socket in the OPEN position before soldering as the pins do get hot and if you leave it closed and melt the plastic then it will impact on the performance of the socket (i.e. the pins will only open half way and can result in them not gripping onto the IC's legs)

      But they are .1" spacing and kinda sorta fit in the wide IC socket foot print (the pins are wider so it will take a little effort to get the buggers into the board) and don't do stupid stuff like me :) Check your circuit board footprints BEFORE sending it off to the fab house :P I got a surprise when I went to put my ZIF socket into my board... only to find that the pins are too wide and unlike veroboard... you can't force the legs in

  • Ordered this ZIF socket in Feb 2012. Received a red one with "3M" stamped on it. It did not require bending any pins to fit the 40 pin connection on the AVR Dragon. It just required just some careful alignment and a little force to fully seat it.

  • I too bought one of these to add to an AVR Dragon and managed to mangle the pins beyond repair trying to get it in. Bought another (with 2 back-ups) and was able to fit it in... be patient, careful and bend the pins out a little and you should be able to make it work.

  • FWIW I just picked up one of these, and with a little fiddling (bending the pins out slightly and applying the right amount of force) I was able to get it mounted on my AVR Dragon.

  • I picked these up because of the price and found that they are great little ZIF sockets but the have wide flat pins, so they don't work on my AVR Dragon or AVR Dragon Rider boards.

  • I guess they got a deal on the zif sockets adn we should be happy they're spreading the joy :)

  • Why does SparkFun choose to have such a good price on this normally expensive part, yet charge $1.50 for a cheap dual-wipe DIP socket? To be honest, this product is about half the cost of what I'd expect it to be. Those dual-wipe DIP sockets are about 5-10 times as expensive as they should be. Not complaining about the price on the ZIF sockets, but I don't really understand the logic behind it.

    • there is no logic. SparkFun is a company based upon the assumed ineptitude of those new to electronics. They overcharge by thousands of percent on most items, but then they have a few deals here and there to attract people in. Over the past few weeks I've gone from interested, to wary, to downright disgusted when I saw the prices on a few items. This site is literally aimed at people who don't know any better and who think "Great! All these items in one place! And only $30 for shipping? Wow! Deal!" When element14 has $8 flat next-day shipping... and prices about %50 lower on average,,, I'm not an element14 fan either but man. I ordered a package from SparkFun over 2 full weeks ago (I'm only in Canada, it's not like it has to go overseas) and it's still not here... and I paid MORE for shipping than next-day service from element14!! Explain that one!

      • " I ordered a package from SparkFun over 2 full weeks ago (I’m only in Canada, it’s not like it has to go overseas) and it’s still not here… and I paid MORE for shipping than next-day service from element14!! Explain that one!"

        One word... Customs

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