Product Sketch T-Shirt - Large

By popular demand, this is the new SparkFun T-Shirt. Black with SparkFun parts scattered around the phrase “Let Your Geek Shine” and a small SparkFun logo.

Customer Comments

  • Dear Sparkfun, As a true geek, I know the importance of a good T-shirt and pocket protector. I would like to buy a Sparkfun T-shirt and Sparkfun pocket protector, but alas, I cannot use them together. I require pockets on my shirts for such things as my 0.5mm pencil, my 0.7mm pencil, my 0.9mm pencil, my pen, my screw driver set, and my wire strippers. So please, in this season of giving, can you find it in your heart to provide for us true geeks a T-shirt with a pocket? Thank you.

  • The design is nice, but the shirt itself is very thin. The red Sparkfun shirts are heavier than this.

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