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Compass Module with Tilt Compensation - OS4000-T Breakout

Replacement: None. We have retired the OS4000-T module, so this breakout board is now retired as well. There is no direct replacement for it. This page is for reference only.

This board conveniently breaks out the RX, TX and power pins of the tilt compensated OS4000-T compass module. The 0.05" spaced pins of the OS4000-T are converted to a standard 0.1" pitch, perfect for use with breadboards and other prototyping boards.

Note: On this breakout board, TX-O is a TTL input pin and RX-I is a TTL output pin.

  • 0.6 x 0.7"


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  • It's important to note that what is labeled on the silkscreen as "TX-O" is for the TX pin of your host device (it's actually the RX pin of the OS4000-T), while the pin "RX-I" goes to the RX of the host. So if you, say, get a CP2102 board, an OS4000-T and this breakout, your pins will be switched (no easy "4-pin male header" wiring scheme, sadly). Frustrating, but that's life I suppose. I would've preferred it the other way around (much more elegant).

  • More information on this would be appreciated. It is a very good price if it does the simple task of getting the xy plane orientation or offset from a point of reference.

    • Looking at the images, I don't think this is really a compass. I could be wrong, but the title is very misleading. If you look at the images in the 3rd image you can read "Module on this side". So that leads me to believe that this is the breakout board only, no compass module on it, thus the low price.

      • Correct, it's just a breakout board for the OS4000-T module, as the pictures and description indicate.

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