Single Axis Gyro - ISZ-500

Replacement: None. We’re out of these parts and won’t be ordering any more, but check out the rest of our gyros! This page is for reference only.

The ISZ-500 Z-axis integrated MEMS rate gyroscope is designed for high performance audio-video remote controllers, 3D mice, and general motion sensing applications which require sensing rotational motion up to ±500°/sec

The device can be used as a standalone yaw-rate sensor, or can be combined with the InvenSense IDG-500 X/Y-axis gyroscope, for a complete 3-axis solution where all devices mount in plane with the rest of the system electronics. The ISZ-500 features a primary output with a full-scale range of ±500°/sec, for higher-speed motion tracking; and has a secondary output with a full-scale range of ±110°/sec, for higher-sensitivity applications.

  • Integrated Z-axis gyro on a single chip
  • Two separate outputs per axis for higher speed motions and lower-speed precise movements:
    • 500°/s full scale range (higher speed)
    • 110°/s full scale range (high precision)
  • Low bias drift over temperature
  • Auto Zero function
  • Integrated amplifiers & low-pass filters
  • 10,000 g shock tolerance
  • 3V single supply operation
  • 4x5x1.2mm QFN package

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