Soldering Iron - 40W

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this item. This page is for reference only.

This is a very simple fixed temp, quick heating, 40W 110/120 VAC soldering iron - benevolently known as ‘fire starter’. Because the iron is so simple (no stand, no variable temp, no nothing), we call it ‘fire starter’ - it sort of feels like we are plugging an extension cord into the wall with a nail on the end.

We really enjoy using the more expensive irons, but if you really need a cheap iron for your tool box, this lovely iron works great. This is a low-cost iron. It works! But it doesn’t come with a stand. We recommend you checkout the iron stands below.

The soldering iron is connected to a standard North American type A plug. Pointed soldering tip is included and is replaceable. Perfect for soldering our through-hole kits.

Make sure you check out our soldering tutorials.

Customer Comments

  • I still don’t recommend this unless you really need something to solder with for like, a day and then you’re done with soldering. Now that I think of it, I’m using a model that’s nice but seemingly nameless. And when I’m not near power, a “Weller P2C Portasol Professional Self-Igniting Cordless Butane Solder Iron” works great, with nice heat settings, 25 watts to 75 watts.

  • This looks curiously “Radio Shack-y”. It reminds me of the first iron I bought from aforementioned store some twenty years ago.
    Still, the price is low, so if you need something a little better than a nail heated with a blowtorch, this will probably do the trick.
    If you are going to be doing any volume of soldering, I would recommend the cheap red Weller’s, or, for still more, the 50’s baby blue Weller’s.
    Antex makes a good iron, if you are over in the UK or EU.
    Otherwise, I would probably recommend Hakko or something similar.

    • Agreed. I remember my first iron and how bad it was.
      I ruthlessly forced this iron on some test subjects just to make sure they could use it and not object too much. My friends agreed - it works, and they got the kit put together, but my $80 iron feels so much better.

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