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ScreenKey TFT128

Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement for this product. This page is for reference only.

What is a screenkey? It's the combination of a programmable TFT-LCD, and a nice tactile switch. It's cool, that's what it is. This is another product brought to you by a member of the SparkFun forum! You must checkout the ScreenKeys homepage as well. Very nice site and great information.

The TFT128 ScreenKey can display any text or graphics on its 128x128 TFT-LCD with up to 65,536 color support. The LED backlight is white and can be dimmed and set to timeout.

The serial interface is industry standard SPI (4-wire interface). A well-documented command set is disucssed in the datasheet.

The connector is not included, but you can find them here. Breakout board coming soon!

  • 3.3V logic and power supply
  • 128x128 pixel resolution
  • 65,536 colors per pixel
  • Full-color imaging
  • SPI interface (4-wire) up to 10MHz
  • Low bandwidth
  • Up to 10 fps in high-speed mode
  • Bitmap addressable
  • High-level commands
  • Internal character generator -- 7 lines, 9 characters per line
  • User downloadable font support


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