SmartCard Connector

**Replacement: **None. We are no longer carrying these SmartCard sockets. This page is for reference only.

This is an SMD socket for a SmartCard. SmartCards are plastic cards with an embedded chip used to store any data you want. SmartCard applications are limitless; and they're growing increasingly popular, showing up on credit cards and other common identification cards.

A standard credit-card sized plastic card (53.98mm width) should fit snuggly. The socket forms a physical connection with the eight contacts on a SmartCard. See the datasheet below for pin-out and dimensions. The pads are spaced by 0.1".


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  • Eagle Library?

  • Would it be possible to have a picture of a smart card mounted within the socket? I've got my buss pass in front of me, and holding it up to the screen, but I still can't get my dyslexic eyes to figure out where it goes.

    • Joshua, it looks like the card will only go into this socket partway. Look at the second image. The socket is oriented as if you were looking down at it mounted on a PCB. A SmartCard would go into the socket from the bottom of the image with the card's contacts facing toward the PCB the socket would be mounted on. In other words, hold up your bus pass with the gold contacts facing away from you and at the top of the card. That is how it will fit. Hope this helps.

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