TFT128 Display

Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this product. This page is for reference only.

The TFT128D is the same TFT display that is used on the TFT128 ScreenKeys; it is a full-color high resolution TFT graphics display. The display is backlit with a white LED and the TFT liquid crystal display has a resolution of 128x128 pixels where each pixel color can be chosen from a palette of 65,536 different colors.

The TFT128D is an intelligent device with an on-board microcontroller and graphical display controller. It implements a 4-wire SPI interface with an expanded command set allowing simple ASCII control, full bitmap graphic display, or any combination of the two. The display supports downloadable content and is designed to minimize the bandwidth requirements from a host controller, particularly when used in a multi-ScreenKey environment.

The display supports two operating modes:

  • Command mode offers commands to simplify application integration by using text display, clear display, flash, etc. This mode reduces the maximum frame-rate for the key.
  • High-speed mode disables all the command processing and implements a simple graphical only interface. This mode delivers approx 10 frames per second as the frame refresh rate.

A flex-tail cable is used to make connection to the target electronics via a PCB connector. More information regarding the mating FPC connector is available in the datasheet.

  • 128*128 pixel resolution
  • 65,536 colors per pixel, full-color imaging
  • SPI Interface (4 wire)
  • Field replaceable
  • Low bandwidth
  • Low profile
  • Up to 10fps refresh
  • Bitmap addressable
  • High-level commands
  • Internal character generator
  • 7 lines, 9 characters per line
  • User downloadable font support

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