ScreenKey Development Kit - TFT100

Replacement: None. We aren’t stocking these boards anymore so it’s time for them to step aside and make room in the catalog for more cool stuff. This page is for reference only.

The TFT100 is a development kit for the TFT128 ScreenKey. This kit allows developers to understand and experiment with the features and functionality of the TFT128 ScreenKey.

Included on the development kit board is one ScreenKey and an Atmel AT89C5131 processor, which can be reprogrammed in-circuit over USB. Power to both the ScreenKey and processor are provided by USB and regulated down to 3.3VDC. The USB interface is only used to power and program the processor, it does not provide direct control over the ScreenKey.

Also included with this kit is a CD with example code, user’s manuals, and programming software. The onboard processor can also be programmed over USB, using Atmel’s FLIP utility.

What is a ScreenKey? It’s the combination of a programmable TFT-LCD, and a nice tactile switch. It’s cool, that’s what it is. This is another product brought to you by a member of the SparkFun forum! The TFT128 ScreenKey can display any text or graphics on its 128x128 TFT-LCD with up to 65,536 color support. The LED backlight is white and can be dimmed and set to timeout. You must checkout the ScreenKeys homepage as well. Very nice site and great information.

  • On-board AT89C5131 Processor
    • Used for SPI communication with ScreenKey
    • 32kB Flash memory, 1kB RAM
    • Programmable over USB
  • USB powered (USB A-to-B cable included)
  • CDROM with example code, documentation, and programming software
  • TFT128 ScreenKey
    • 128x128 pixel resolution
    • 65,536 colors per pixel
    • Full-color imaging
    • Up to 10 fps in high-speed mode
    • Bitmap addressable
    • High-level commands
    • Internal character generator – 7 lines, 9 characters per line

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  • It would be nice to have a video show it in action so that people could see the ability

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