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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: The XL series of MaxSonars are a super high-performance version of the easy-to-use sonar range finder from Maxbotix. The XL series of this sensor features higher resolution, longer range, higher power output and better calibration when compared to the LV version.

We are extremely pleased with the size, quality, and ease of use of this little range finder. The sensor provides very accurate readings from 0 to 765cm (0 to 25.1ft) with 1cm resolution. This sensor can be powered with anywhere between 3.3 and 5VDC.

Range information can be gathered through one of three methods - analog, serial, or PWM - all of which are active at the same time. The analog output will produce a voltage proportional to the measured distance, with a sensitivity of (Vcc/1024)V/cm. The serial interface is simple and formatted to RS-232, with voltages ranging from 0 to Vcc and terminal settings of 9600-8-N-1. Finally, the PWM pin outputs a pulse-width representation of the range with a scale factor of 58us/cm.

The Maxsonar-XL series is offered in the EZ0, EZ1, EZ2, EZ3, and EZ4 versions, each with progressively narrower beam angles allowing the sensor to match the application. Please see beam width explanation below.


  • 3.3V to 5V supply with very low average current draw
  • High acoustic power output
  • All interfaces are active simultaneously:
    • RS-232 serial
    • 0 to Vcc output range
    • 9600 baud, 8-N-1
    • Analog, (Vcc/1024) / cm
    • Pulse Width
  • Real-time auto calibration and noise rejection for every ranging cycle
  • Calibrated beam angle
  • Object detection includes zero range objects
  • Readings can occur up to every 100mS, (10-Hz rate)
  • Free run operation can continually measure and output range information
  • Triggered operation provides the range reading as desired
  • Sensor operates at 42KHz


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Customer Comments

  • is there any way i can make the underwater depth calculation using this if not kindly suggest me one i have to use it in my ROV

  • Just a question, that perhaps someone can answer: Regarding the “beam width” and the “cone” in which the sensor senses within, it seems to be the case the the sensor will tell you the distance to the closest object within it’s cone of vision.
    Is this correct? In other words, it will only tell you the closest object it seem, but will not tell you where in the cone the object actually is. So it may know something is 40 inches away, but it has no idea if the object is directly in front, or to the left or to the right of the sensor. Is this correct? If so, this sensor seems ill-equipped to detect objects since there’s no way to really know where the objects are that it sees. ??

    • It’s true, it can’t detect exactly where the largest object is in it’s field of view, but that’s a limitation of using ultrasonic sensors instead of others like IR/laser range finders with a much more limited detection zone. The workaround (and one of the best ways of taking advantage of the large cone) is to use two sensors instead of one, and use triangulation to determine where the largest object is in a plane. If you also need to, you could add a third in order to determine the exact position (+/- ~ 1cm) of the detected object in 3D.

  • “The sensor provides very accurate readings from 0 to 765cm (0 to 25.1ft) with 1cm resolution."
    This might be misleading, from the datasheet:
    "Objects from 0-cm to 20- cm range as 20-cm"
    So it should be 20 to 765cm :(

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