PumLantern Kit - Black Hazard

Replacement: None. We don’t carry this kit any more, but we do have plenty of other fun and educational kits in our kits category. This page is for reference only.

Meet the PumLantern - a solar-charged, night-time activated light-pulsing lantern! This kit charges all day from the SCC3733 solar cell, and pumms the four ultra-mega-super-bright LEDs to cast artistic silhouettes against the walls of the lantern. The LEDs themselves are a random grab of white, blue, red, orange and green.

This is a build-it-yourself kit - basic electronics assembly is needed for the Pummer circuit, and the shell slides/snaps together with little effort.

This version of the PumLantern Kit comes with four black, hazard-themed panels. We also carry geek- and Winter-themed kits in the same color.

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