Binding Post Pair (Black/Red)

This is a pair of insulated binding posts, one red and the other black. These binding posts are a great way to connect single-wire leads.

The colored cap screws up and down, and is designed to clamp on the connecting wire. Please note that these binding posts do not accept banana plugs.

Customer Comments

  • I received some of these through free day, Only received the black ones not a pair but I cannot complain with free day. A few notes on these
    1. These seem to be bigger than most common binding posts, but I would bet that is because they are for high current applications
    2. No banana jack , which was stated, however they also do not have the cross drilled hole for a wire to stick through. So you will either need to wrap your wire around the post, or use a ring terminal to connect to it.
    3. The mounting is somewhat insulated. It should work fine on sheet metal, up to maybe 1/16" thickness and even beyond that If you are careful in your mounting.
    4. The stud appears to be a 3/16" size you could most likely base your current capacity from this.
    5. The clear part is actually two pieces that separate to sandwich the mounting surface between them.
    6. The knob can be screwed completely off.
    Thanks Sparkfun!!!

  • Voltage/amperage rating of these units? also, I cannot tell whether these are just insulated knob or if they have an insulated base (which would be needed for installing in a metal sheet)

  • Hi,
    what kind of plugs fit in this if banana plugs don’t?
    thank you

    • None,
      The end is solid. To use this you need to either install ring terminals on your wires, or wrap the wire around the post.

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