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VoiceBox Shield (Sale)

Replacement:DEV-10661. This was an old version of the shield that we sold for a limited time, you can still get the latest version! This page is for reference only.

The VoiceBox Shield can be mounted on top of your Arduino USB Board or Pro, to give it access to all capabilities of the SpeakJet voice and sound synthesizer. The Voice Box Shield uses the SpeakJet chip to convert serial commands into a great robot-sounding voice.

Populated on the VoiceBox Shield are the 18-DIP SpeakJet IC and a two stage audio amplifier with a potentiometer to set the gain. You can connect a speaker directly to the 'SPK+/-' pins, and get your Arduino-bot talking with very minimal work!

You can control the SpeakJet through either its serial line, or the eight event input lines which are connected to digital pins 5-12. A 3-way jumper allows you to connect either the software (D2) or hardware (D1) TX pin of the Arduino to the SpeakJet's serial input.

Also included on the shield are a 13x7 grid of 0.1" pitch through-holes for prototyping, the Arduino's reset button. Headers are not included, we recommend the 6 and 8-pin stackable headers.

Note:This has been replaced by a new revision, however, we found these in inventory and they work fine. We'll be selling them at a discount for a limited time but when they're gone, they're gone!

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  • if you want TTS Processor, get it here:
    Much easier than having to translate everything in software. The guy who made the board that is linked is a really nice and is excited to see what people do with his shield.

  • why not add a TTS256 Text-to-code processor to make this even more fun?

    • I agree, including a TTS256 would have been awesome.
      You might be able to add one in the prototyping area and splice it in with a few key splices.

  • this IC is completely awesome, I like this kind of stuff that take away big problems of doing something and make it easy...
    only saw this IC now, but it was already in sparkfun and I did not see it :S
    there are youtube vids from 2007 using this Oo
    nice... gonna get one probably :)

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