Dog House for the BeagleBoard

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this enclosure in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

The Dog House, designed and built by ESawdust in Colorado, is a robust enclosure designed specifically for the BeagleBoard. It provides four built-in standoffs which let you snap the Beagle Board securely to a firm foundation, eliminating any need for standoffs, PCB screws, drilling. The built-in feet let you mount the Dog House to any solid surface using 4 screws or bolts (not included). Works with BeagleBoard versions C2, C3, and C4.

The Dog House is powder coated black with a fine peeled texture that won’t show fingerprints. It’s very resistant to any scratching and is easy to hold. Raw aluminum won’t take paint, but since the Dog House is powder coated, you can even paint it.

  • Custom designed enclosure for Beagle Board
  • Powder Coated Surface
  • Heavy Duty Protection
  • All fasteners you need are included:
    • 4 self-drilling screws to secure the lid, corner face, and base
    • 2 small flush-mount screws to secure the lid
  • With just six screws and the built-in standoffs, it’s very quick to install and you get a consistent fit each time.

Customer Comments

  • The doghouse is very well made, but there’s a huge oversight: There’s no cutout for the serial port. Presumably it’s overlooked because it’s an IDC header and looks like some ‘internal’ test connector like the jtag (it’s only an IDC because there’s no room for a full-size serial port connector). It still means I can’t work with the Beagleboard in the doghouse until I’ve got another hole made (which I’m no good at making, that’s why I bought a pre-made enclosure..)
    I don’t at all regret buying it (using the board just on the foot section without the cover is much better than nothing), but I wish the enclosure designer had actually been a Beagleboard user.. then this wouldn’t have happened.

  • We’ll be coming out with a Dog House for Beagle Board xM shortly. Stay tuned. Thanks.

  • There should be another version to accommodate the BeagleBuddy Zippy.

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