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Luxeon Rebel Triple-LED Narrow Lens

This is a lens designed to fit a set of three Luxeon Rebel LEDs. The lens is 50mm in diameter and has a smooth surface to produce a narrow beam with a 10° angle. This lens will create a relatively focused beam; we have another triple-LED lens that produces a more diffused, wide beam.

Look for some triple Luxeon Rebel LED breakout boards that will incorporate this lens to come out soon!

  • High efficiency
  • 10° beam angle
  • No vibration problems
  • NJC (no joint construction) Technology
  • Narrow beam
  • 50 mm lens diameter


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  • On the topic of "copy and paste errors", "Wide beam" is still on the Features list.
    Also, does the "to come out soon" still apply? AFAIK, there are several breakout boards with Rebel LEDs. We are, however, eagerly awaiting the driver boards.

  • could you take a picture with light going through the lenses onto a wall please?

  • how would i go about fitting three luxeon leds to this, will there be abreakout board to this soon?

  • "a rippled surface to produce a wide beam": it doesn't look very rippled to me. Copy/paste error?

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