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Dev Platform for LPC2148 - Uberboard

Replacement: None. We no longer carry this development board but have a look in our LPC category for more LPC development tools.

This is a fairly large board with cellular, GPS, accelerometer, data logging, Bluetooth®, and USB development. This board combines the power of the Phillips ARM core along with empty sockets for many of the powerful components from SparkFun.

This version of the board has a MMA7361 instead of the MMA7260.

empty sockets for peripheral components. These extra components must be ordered separately.

Note: The datasheet below incorrectly identifies the barrel jack as 3mm. The board actually uses a common 5.5mm barrel jack.



  • LPC2148 - 60MIPs ARM processor with 512k flash
  • 12MHz crystal for USB
  • Limited USB support
  • 32.768kHz RTC crystal
  • Socket for EM408 SiRF III GPS receiver
  • Socket for GM862 global cellular modem
  • Socket for micro SD card (up to 2GB)
  • Socket for BlueSMiRF short range RF modem
  • Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361
  • Tri-color LED for color mixed status indicator
  • JTAG port for debugging
  • RS232 for debugging and external communication

    Using the LPC2148 and the GCC free tool chain, you can setup all sorts of applications! From vehicle tracking, package tracking, person tracking, shock/drop detection, data logging, cellular email notifications, wireless data capture - you name it, the Uber board has it covered.

    This product comes with


Looking for answers to technical questions?

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  • Hi,
    Just bought one of these boards, and having fun playing with it. However I'm having real problems with the UART1 ISR locking the thing up completely when a character is received, which I presume is something to do with the bootloader sitting at the top of the memory. Has anyone got interrupts to work using the stock V29 firmware? I've also tried modifying the Kinetamap firmware (which does use interrupts) but that's having issues of its own due to subtle hardware differences!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi,
    I am looking to incorporate GPS, acceleromter and gyro + reporting via modem into a single logging package and think this board may tick all boxes.
    Have spent a while going through the site and was wondering, before I place any orders if someone could give me a few pointers on the following:
    - Which of the gyros on sparkfun could I easily incorporate into this board and how?
    - Taking the GPS chipset it supports, the board will be housed in a metal case and therefore need to lead an antenna outside. What would I need to order with the above to do this?
    - Given we have a set case requirement, cannot find the dimensions of the board anywhere.
    Power is the key here and has to work for long periods unattended. any thoughts on what the board draws before i start adding components would be appreciated (suspect that it will be the GPRS/GPS that kills it in the end).
    Apologies for all questions, but happy I can get up to speed on programming but the hardware side is new to me.
    Kind rgds

  • Note: the JTAG connector is unpopulated on this board, so make sure you have one on hand or add one to your order.

  • Shouldn't the microSD be on SPI1 where there is specific registers for the SSP interface? The SPI0 is not set up properly to handle SSP traffic. I think the code for the SD would be so much easier on SPI1.

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