MIDI Cable - 3m

This one is for all you audio geeks out there. If you are going to play with MIDI accessories you'll likely need a cable. We have a nice 3 meter (9.84 feet) MIDI cable that you can use with all of your MIDI devices. Great for projects using the MIDI Shield, and the MIDI breakout. Now go synthesize something!

  • 3 meters (9.84 ft)

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MIDI Tutorial

October 8, 2015

Understanding the Musical Instrument Digital Interface.


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  • Circuitsoft / about 12 years ago / 1

    Finally! A reasonable price for a MIDI cable. Previously, I haven't found them for less than $12. Of course, when I look now, I find them reasonably-priced everywhere. Oh well. I'm still getting one with my next order.

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