Chumby Parts - 3.5" Touchscreen LCD (refurbished)

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying Chumby replacement parts and we do not have a direct replacement for this screen. This page is for reference only.

Need parts for your Chumby? Need Chumby parts for another project? We now carry a full selection of Chumby parts for repairing your Chumby, or for various other projects. These parts are all refurbished, but are fully functional and will be drop-in replacements for your Chumby. We may not have specifications or additional information regarding these parts. They are meant to be replacements and are not necessarily intended for building a Chumby for scratch. Feel free to play with them assuming this limited information.

For sale here is the Chumby One LCD touchscreen and cable. This could be a great LCD to play around with! Look below for specifications. Refer to the teardown for more details regarding the replacement part.

Customer Comments

  • “Feel free to play with them asuming this limited information."
    ‘Assuming’ has two s’s.

  • I see there is a 100pc price listed, seeing as these are refurbished would it actually be possible to order 100 or more of these?

  • Though the description states this is for the Chumby One, would it fit in the original Chumby?
    The Chumby website doesn’t seem to list the two devices as having different screens as they’re both listed as 3.5" touchscreens

    • We aren’t sure if this is the exact screen used in the Classic. You might want to shoot an email to Chumby and see. Let us know.

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