Solder - 1.1lb Spool (0.032") Special Blend

Replacement:TOL-10243. We know you can't get enough of the special blend, but we just don't sell the big spools anymore. You can still get the 1/4 pound spool though, which should last you a while. This page is for reference only.

We don't want to hype this solder TOO much, but this could possibly be the best solder in the world. There, we've said it. This is a special blend made specifically for us and we love it. It all started as a quest to find the best solder to use in our production process and ended up being the best we've tried. The best part is that it's lead free and has a water-soluble flux core.

The spool is 1.1lb (500g) and has a 0.032" (0.79mm) diameter.

**Mix: **96.35% Sn (Tin), 3.0% Ag (Silver), 0.5% Cu (Copper), 0.15% Sb (Antimony).

  • [MSDS]( Indalloy with Fluxcake-301 (CW-301).pdf)


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  • isnt this ROHS compliant?
    i could be wrong

  • Funny thing is the label states "LEAD-FREE SOLDER", but also states "This product contains TRACES OF LEAD".
    Go figure?.

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