Replacement Soldering Tip - Chisel

Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement for this tip. This page is for reference only.

Shiny new tips for all your lead-free soldering needs. Each tip comes with a built-in ceramic heater element. This is the LF-12D model and is great for general purpose soldering. If you only use one tip, this might be the one.

This tip is compatible with our 70W Analog and Digital soldering stations.

Customer Comments

  • Actually, it depends on the type of chisel. A wood chisel typically has a bevel on one side, like what Aoyue are describing as a chisel-type tip in that image you linked to. Cold chisels often have a bevel on both sides with the working edge centered relative to the shaft of the chisel.
    So, either could be called a chisel tip. SparkFun just has to be very clear about what we’re getting. =]

  • Yep, fixed.

    • RobertC,
      The plot thickens! :o{
      My original comment and, I suspect, your response were based on the appearances of the tips and our general knowledge of what “chisel” and “bevel” tips are. If you look at the websites for other soldering equipment suppliers, such as Weller, you find the descriptions of tips consistent with that general knowledge.
      However, if you look at the Aoyue site <>
      you’ll see that the drawing shows what I would call “chisel” tips labelled as “bevel” (including the LF-3BC), and vice versa (including the LF-12D). Therefore, the pictures, as originally posted on this site, appear consistent with the Aoyue designations, but not with the generally understood meanings of the terms. Unfortunately, SparkFun appears to have a dilemma: Use Aoyue’s descriptions, confusing some website users and possibly resulting in people ordering the tip with the name they want, but not the shape they want; or use descriptions consistent with general understanding of the terms and other manufacturers, but not with Aoyue’s designations.
      If nothing else, please take a look at what you have in stock and let us know what’s what.

  • The photographs for the new “bevel” and “chisel” tips seem to have been swapped. That is, the photos attached to the “bevel” catalog page appear to be for the “chisel” tip, and vice versa.

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