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Enginursday: Arduino Celebration and Hexbugs hacking with Bob Martin

March 26, 2015 8

Interested in hacking Hexbugs? Check out this in-depth interview jam-packed with tips and advice from Bob Martin! Bob is the Senior Applications Manager, Central Applications Group of Atmel Inc.

Enginursday: OSHWA Update

March 19, 2015 2

An update on your friendly neighborhood Open Source Hardware Association.

Enginursday: Life Improvements with Arduino 1.6

March 12, 2015 16

The release of Arduino 1.6 has really improved my Arduino-programming life thanks to custom platform support, command line utilities and line numbers!

Enginursday: Divisibility

February 26, 2015 24

Thoughts and ramblings about numbers, plus an interesting discovery.

Enginursday: Radio Shack: A Remembrance

February 12, 2015 30

Radio Shack is finally declaring bankruptcy, but for many of us, it died a long, long time ago

Enginursday: Turtleponics

February 5, 2015 4

In this week's Enginursday, Joel shows off his aquatic turtle habitat, complete with an above-tank basking area, automated lighting, and an aquaponic feeding system.

Enginursday: InfoSec for Hardware Geeks

January 29, 2015 8

The word "hacker" is often abused in the DIY community. In this post we talk about traditional grey-hat hacking in relation to hardware and DIY electronics.

Enginursday: CES, You should go next year.

January 22, 2015 13

My experience at CES 2015 and my thoughts on attending.

Enginursday: Developers and Getting Started with Programming

January 15, 2015 14

Gathering ideas from developers and hackers, and sharing a few of our own!

Enginursday: Magnus Chord Organ Teardown

January 8, 2015 19

Examining the inner workings of an electric chord organ.

Soft Fabrication for the Beginner

December 18, 2014 14

Sewing- not just for clothes anymore! (Or ever, really.)

Enginursday: Favorite Tools

December 11, 2014 21

Examining one of the categories that occupies significant space on my workbench: wire strippers.

Enginursday: Leaving the protection of the Van Allen belt

December 4, 2014 23

As the new Orion capsule takes flight, NASA is working to better understand what we did almost 40 years ago with the moon landings. Why have we not ventured beyond the Van Allen belt?

Enginursday: Adventures in Building My Own Workbench Part 2 (Or How I Learned To Love the Triangle)

November 27, 2014 26

I share my designs for my new electronics workbench and go over some of the design decisions for it. I also cover what makes triangles more stable than squares.

Enginursday: Solving Real-World Problems with Data.SparkFun.com

November 13, 2014 12

Learn how data.sparkfun.com can help you not just collect data, but also use that data to make hypothesizes, see trends, and make adjustments to a variety of systems.

Finding an Enclosure for Your Project

November 6, 2014 21

Good ways to find unique and affordable enclosures for your projects.

Enginursday: Open Hardware Summit 2014

October 16, 2014 3

A quick overview of the neat stuff seen at the 2014 Open Hardware Summit.

Enginursday: Digging into the Werkstatt

October 9, 2014 8

Drive the Moog Werkstatt-01 with the SparkPunk sequencer, and starting in on a MIDI-to-CV converter.

Enginursday: Developing on the Edison

October 2, 2014 16

How will you be developing code for the Edison? Here are a few methods we're exploring!

The Edison is Not a Raspberry Pi

September 25, 2014 55

To compare the Edison and the Raspberry Pi is to do a disservice to both.

Enginursday: These Are Not the Drones You're Looking For

September 18, 2014 16

Sweeping legal changes are afoot that could change the hobbyist airspace for years to come. Your input can make a difference.

Enginursday: A Template for Edison Blocks

September 11, 2014 30

Our design philosophy behind the Edison blocks, and how you can help evolve the ecosystem!

Enginursday: Controlling Hardware Through the Internet With M2X

September 4, 2014 0

Overview of the related M2X Learn tutorial, which walks users through the process of connecting an Arduino and CC3000 to AT&T's M2X service.

Enginursday: This is why we can't have nice things

August 28, 2014 36

In which I buy a cheap truck, planning on using my hacking skills to keep it going, and the universe calls my bluff

Enginursday: DIY Assistive Technology Mouse

August 14, 2014 10

SparkFun's first attempt at creating an inexpensive, accessible, DIY assistive technology mouse.

Enginursday: EnLightningment

August 7, 2014 2

In this week's Enginursday post, Joel discusses how he went about making a control box for a large scale interactive EL wire art installation.

Enginursday: Doing Something Spectacular

July 31, 2014 59

We really want to do a fun and amazing project here in Engineering and want to know your thoughts.

Enginursday: Open Ephys

July 17, 2014 2

An open-source electrophysiology project

Enginursday: An Ode to Markdown

July 3, 2014 6

How and why I use markdown everyday, for all of my documenting needs.

Enginursday: The Sky Is No Longer The Limit

June 26, 2014 22

CubeSats will soon be traveling beyond LEO, and are available in a new compact size. We check in with the people pushing the limits.

Getting Burned

June 19, 2014 23

The necessary dangers of electricity, and whether they're worth it.

Enginursday: Robot Season!

May 29, 2014 10

From April to September, it's hard not to find a robotics competition or event. Here are a few I got to see this year.

Enginursday: "Getting Started With Raspberry Pi" Video Series

May 22, 2014 11

In this three-part video series, I show users how to setup their Raspberry Pi with Raspbian, connect a humidity and temperature sensor, and Tweet the results on a regular basis using Python.

Enginursday: Lunchbox Laser Show

May 15, 2014 13

Learn how to make an amazingly entertaining laser show small enough to fit inside of a lunchbox.

Enginursday: Hacking at the Gray Lady

April 24, 2014 1

When in New York, I found a small group of hackers in as surprising place

Enginursday: The Hormes Robot Platform

April 10, 2014 24

A summary of an awesome homemade robot built by SparkFun customers

Enginursday: Introducing the MicroView!

April 3, 2014 38

We're really excited about the MicroView -- a new Arduino compatible board with an integrated display! Check out why...

Enginursday: Get Roving!

March 28, 2014 8

On April 5th, teams from around Colorado will try out their miniature Mars rovers in the Great Sand Dunes.

Enginursday: To be a fly on the wall...

March 13, 2014 2

A bizarre and thought-provoking project from the students of Parsons Flesh and Chrome Wearable Technology group.

Enginursday: Yeah, I found it on eBay

February 27, 2014 107

I have found some crazy things on eBay, but when I saw a jet engine I had to at least make a bid. Lucky/unfortunately, I won.

Enginursday: Adventures in Building My Own Workbench

February 20, 2014 94

Designs for a custom, DIY electronics workbench, and some lessons I learned in the process.

Enginursday: Time-lapse with the Raspberry Pi Pt. 2

February 13, 2014 12

The next chapter in the Raspberry Pi Aquaponics Time-laspe project.

Enginursday: DIY Biometrics

February 6, 2014 8

What does it take to get complete biometrics in your garage?

Enginursday: Enginerds in Vegas

January 23, 2014 11

A few us from engineering got to attend the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas earlier this month. Here's some of the stuff we can show.

Enginursday: Exploring the Arduino/Intel Galileo

January 9, 2014 37

First impressions of the Arduino/Intel-hybrid Galileo board - an x86 Arduino! - a small example project, and our likes and dislikes.