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Actobotics is a robotics building system based around extruded aluminum channels, gears, precision shafts, and ball bearings. Thanks to the two standardized hole patterns, nearly all Actobotics components can be intuitively connected together. The wide range of components makes building complex electromechanical prototypes or finished projects a reality.

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Actobotics Kit - Channel Slider Kit

$ 119.95
Actobotics Kit - ActoBitty 2

$ 29.95
Actobotics Channel Mount - Arduino (pair)

$ 1.95
Stepper Motor Mount - NEMA 14 (Actobotics)

$ 6.95
Stepper Motor Mount - NEMA 23 (Actobotics)

$ 7.95
Actobotics Channel Mount - Raspberry Pi (pair)

$ 1.95
Stepper Motor Mount - NEMA 17 (Actobotics)

$ 7.5
Actobotics Kit - Nomad 4WD Off-Road Chassis

$ 279.95
Smooth Belt - 1/8"D (6.5" ID)

$ 2.29
Smooth Belt - 1/8"D (7.0" ID)

$ 2.39
Smooth Belt - 1/8"D (10" ID)

$ 4.29
Mini Microswitch Mount - A (pair)

$ 1.79
Bearing Mount - Quad Block (3/8" Bore)

$ 6.99
Servo Gear - Hitec (20T; Metal)

$ 14.99
ServoBlock Kit - Hitec 1/4-Scale (Plain Shaft)

$ 26.99
Motor Mount - C Style

$ 4.99
Servo Mount - Servo Plate A (1/4 scale)

$ 5.99
Hub Adapter - 1.50" to 1.50"

$ 3.99
Motor Mount - Swivel Clamp (22mm)

$ 5.99

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Actobotics Basic Differential Platform

December 22, 2014

Get started with Actobotics with this simple vehicle. Then expand and customize it for your own evil robot empire.

Mini FET Shield Hookup Guide

May 1, 2014

Learn how to hookup and use the FET shield for Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V. With this shield, you can control much larger loads such as motors or large LED strips without straining your Arduino's power.

Assembly Guide for RedBot with Shadow Chassis

May 28, 2015

Assembly Guide for the RedBot Kit. This tutorial includes extra parts to follow to go along with the RedBot Inventor's Kit tutorial.

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Beatty Robotics + Actobotics

January 28, 2014 7

Beatty Robotics is at it again, building a custom robot at the behest of Actobotics!

Robotics 101 - The Actobotics Challenge

November 26, 2014 11

We put our skills to the test...with decidedly mixed results.

Actobotics Stairclimber Challenge Winners!

March 23, 2015 8

We're excited to announce the winners of the SparkFun Actobotics Stairclimber Challenge!

New Product Friday: Actobotics!

December 20, 2013 124

This week we have our biggest New Product Post ever! Check out the new Actobotics product line.

Basic Differential Platform with Actobotics

January 19, 2015 5

A new tutorial to help you get started with robotics using Actobotics.

New Product Friday: Get a Grip

October 24, 2014 9

Robotic gripper arms, Actobotics stuff, and more! Check out the New Product Post.

New Product Friday: Slip and Slide

September 26, 2014 22

Tons of new stuff this week including some Actobotics kits, robot parts, and more.

New Product Friday: Gotta Step it Up!

July 4, 2014 4

Kits, mounts, and buttons! Check out what we have for this week.

Arduino Controlled Ouija Board

October 27, 2014 11

If you're looking to chat with those on the "other side," might as well do it with Arduino!

New Product Friday: Dumpster Dive Dos

February 28, 2014 44

Not only do we have a lot of cool new products, we also have another SparkFun Dumpster Dive! Check it out.

New Product Friday: A New Year of Products

January 2, 2015 12

Welcome to 2015! We have some new stuff to ring in the new year.

SparkFun Partners with FIRST Robotics

January 6, 2015 11

This Saturday was the kick-off for the 28th FIRST Robotics Competition. This competition has grown from a couple dozen schools to over 3000 teams internationally. This year, Sparkfun has reached out to help teams in this year's competition.

New Product Friday: Breakin' the Claw

January 16, 2015 8

More new products, and our 200th New Product Video!

New Product Friday: Sassy Chassis

May 29, 2015 1

New Products! Today we have a slick new chassis, motors, and an awesome preorder for Particle's new Photon IoT board.

New Product Friday: Brick Time

February 21, 2014 13

New products for all you single-board-computer enthusiasts as well as some other goodies.

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Actobotics Actobotics is a robotics building system based around extruded aluminum channels, gears, precision shafts, and ball bearings. Thanks to the two standardized hole patterns, nearly all Actob…

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