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SparkFun RedBot Sensor - Accelerometer

$ 9.95
SparkFun RedBot Mainboard

$ 49.95
SparkFun RedBot Sensor - Line Follower

$ 2.95
SparkFun RedBot Buzzer

$ 5.95
SparkFun RedBot Sensor - Mechanical Bumper

$ 4.95
SparkFun RedBot Sensor - Wheel Encoder

$ 9.95
SparkFun RedBot Basic Kit

$ 84.95
SparkFun Inventor's Kit for RedBot

$ 119.95
SparkFun Line Follower Array

$ 29.95
Wheel - 65mm (Rubber Tire, Pair)

$ 2.95
Wheel Encoder Kit

$ 12.95
Shadow Chassis

$ 12.95
Hobby Gearmotor -  65 RPM (Right Angle, Pair)

$ 3.95
SparkFun Digital Sandbox Add-On

$ 14.95

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Assembly Guide for RedBot with Shadow Chassis

May 28, 2015

Assembly Guide for the RedBot Kit. This tutorial includes extra parts to follow to go along with the RedBot Inventor's Kit tutorial.

Experiment Guide for RedBot with Shadow Chassis

May 28, 2015

This Experiment Guide offers nine experiments to get you started with the SparkFun RedBot. This guide is designed for those familiar with our SparkFun Inventors Kit and want to take their robotics knowledge to the next level.

SparkFun Line Follower Array Hookup Guide

October 15, 2015

Learn how to connect the RedBot Line Following Sensor Bar to an arduino type microcontroller. Use the example sketches to read data from the bar, and try out a simple line following algorithm.

Actobotics Basic Differential Platform

December 22, 2014

Get started with Actobotics with this simple vehicle. Then expand and customize it for your own evil robot empire.

Alternative Arduino Interfaces

July 29, 2014

We admit the Arduino IDE isn't for everyone. Here are some other options for programming your Arduino boards, including web interfaces and graphical programming languages.

Ardumoto Shield Kit Hookup Guide

July 2, 2015

Learn how to assemble and drive DC motors using the Ardumoto Shield.

HMC6343 3-axis Compass Hookup Guide

August 7, 2014

How to hook the HMC6343 -- a high-end, tilt-compensated compass module -- up to an Arduino. Never get lost again!

Building the HUB-ee Buggy

September 6, 2013

Let's build the HUB-ee Buggy: A simple robot based on the HUB-ee wheel system!

MiniMoto DRV8830 Hookup Guide

September 19, 2013

MiniMoto is an I2C-based low-voltage DC motor driver.

MMA8452Q Accelerometer Breakout Hookup Guide

June 11, 2014

How to get started using the MMA8452Q 3-axis accelerometer -- a solid, digital, easy-to-use acceleration sensor.

XBee Shield Hookup Guide

June 5, 2014

How to get started with an XBee Shield and Explorer. Create a remote-control Arduino!

Exploring XBees and XCTU

March 12, 2015

How to set up an XBee using your computer, the X-CTU software, and an XBee Explorer interface board.

Getting Started with the AutoDriver

September 9, 2013

SparkFun's AutoDriver is a powerful tool for controlling stepper motors. Here's how to use it.

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RedBot Class!

March 5, 2014 4

Get started in robotics with this upcoming class!

New Product Friday: The RedBot

August 9, 2013 22

A whole heap of new products showed up this week, in addition to a new robot development platform!

New Product Friday: New Product Smorgasboard

January 31, 2014 22

We have a whole lot of new products this week included some new RedBot components, revisions, and more!

New Product Friday: Pop & Lock

June 5, 2015 6

Robotics kits, a wireless door lock, and more! New Products, yay!

New Product Friday: Spinning our Wheels

February 6, 2015 9

This week we have a couple new products to talk about for your next robotics project. Check it out!

Friday Product Post: Fall in Line

October 16, 2015 1

A new robotics board and Arduino shield should help ease you into the weekend!

New Product Friday: Sassy Chassis

May 29, 2015 4

New Products! Today we have a slick new chassis, motors, and an awesome preorder for Particle's new Photon IoT board.

Twitch Plays AVC

June 16, 2015 6

A call to viewers across the world to join AVC and control one of the robots.

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RedBot Library Quick Reference

Brian Huang June 26, 2016

This is a nice summary of the RedBot library. This is useful for introducing the RedBot commands to students.

RedBot & RedBoard with miniBloq

March 11, 2014

A step by step tutorial on how to use the drag and drop environment, miniBloq, to program SparkFun's RedBot and RedBoard.

Introduction to Robotics using SparkFun RedBot Mainboard

Jeffrey Branson January 15, 2015

Our team of educators piloted a class here at SparkFun in the Spring of 2014 introducing the RedBot Mainboard using the Dagu Multi Chassis platform. Here a

Classes 2 found

July 11, 2016

Microcontrollers for Educators

Connecting the STEM Dots: Microprocessors and Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Classroom. This class is currently sold-…

August 1, 2016

Microcontrollers for Educators - Late Summer Class

Connecting the STEM Dots: Microprocessors and Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Classroom. Colorado State University Dep…

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Holiday Gift Guide

Make sure it ships on time! Check our Holiday Shipping Timeline.   2015 Holiday Gift Guide We're taking the guesswork out of gifting and sharing our favorite ideas for everyone on yo…

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RedBot Kit

xtopher 12 items

The RedBot Kit is a robotic development platform capable of...

SparkFun Inventor's Kit for RedBot (ROB-12649)

xtopher 23 items

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for RedBot is a great way to...

CVHS RedBot Config 2014-2015

robhazle 1621 items

CVHS configuration for Engineering I course…this...

SparkFun RedBot Basic Kit (ROB-13166)

xtopher 9 items

Welcome the RedBot Basic Kit, a robotic development platform...

Wireless RedBot Add-on

bri_huang 3 items

A few extra parts needed to control your RedBot wirelessly.

Father's Day Ideas

Member #209310 3 items

Father’s Day stuff to help with my RedBot

Christmas Ideas

Member #209310 8 items

This list contains redbot upgrades and parts for a weather...

End of Year Order

Member #654211 155 items

Getting started with Arduino (Red Board Version) and the Redbot.

LevelUP Mozfest Wishlist

RoboticsLady 1 item

I could not find a way to share my shopping cart without...

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