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Shaft Spacer - 1"

$ 1.69
Shaft Spacer - 5/8"

$ 1.69
Shaft Spacer - 1/2"

$ 1.69
Shaft Spacer - 3/8"

$ 1.69
Shaft Spacer - 1/4"

$ 1.69
Hub Spacer - 3/8"

$ 1.39
Hub Spacer - 1/8"

$ 0.99
Hub Spacer - 1/2"

$ 1.59
Hub Spacer - 3/4"

$ 1.79
Hub Spacer - 1"

$ 1.99
Hub Spacer - 1/4"

$ 1.19
Hub Spacer - 1/8" (Solid)

$ 1.49
Servo Shaft Attachment - Futaba Standard

$ 7.99
Servo Shaft Coupler - Hitec Standard

$ 4.99
Skate Wheel Adapter - Shaft Connection

$ 5.99
Shaft - D-Shaft (Stainless; 1/4"D x 10"L)

$ 4.19
Shaft - D-Shaft (Stainless; 1/4"D x 12"L)

$ 4.69
Servo Shaft Attachment - Hitec Standard

$ 7.99

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December 22, 2014

Get started with Actobotics with this simple vehicle. Then expand and customize it for your own evil robot empire.

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Soil moisture-sensing by hacking a solar light

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Pulse-width Modulation

February 27, 2013

An introduction to the concept of pulse width modulation.

RedBot Assembly Guide Rev 02

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Decade Resistance Box Hookup Guide

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Getting Started with the LilyPad MP3 Player

May 8, 2013

The LilyPad MP3 Player is an amazing little board that contains almost everything you need to play audio files. You can use it to create all kinds of noisy projects, from MP3 hoodies to talking teddy bears. Your imagination is the only limit! This tutorial will help you get started.

Digital Sandbox Experiment Guide

July 31, 2014

Your guide to the Digital Sandbox! 16+ experiments that, using a graphical programming language, teach you to blink LEDs, monitor microphones, read temperature, and much more.

Digital Sandbox Arduino Companion

July 31, 2014

Let's take the same examples from the ArduBlock-based Digital Sandbox guide, and implement them using Arduino code.

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Build an Ardubot

An Arduino powered bot made of a bunch of SparkFun bits.

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