Crafting with Electronics

The modern interpretation of crafting welcomes nearly endless flexibility and innovation – a far cry from the macaroni necklaces, scrapbooking and occasional braided lanyards of our youth. Electronics is a fun and interesting way to add an interactive layer to almost any project, and something that we at SparkFun are passionate about. This page is for anyone who needs a little inspiration, or some helpful tips on how to start incorporating electronics into your next project. Explore our resources below, and check back often to see what new projects and techniques we've come up with!

LED PomPom Headbands

Create your version of a wearable headband – one for beginners and one for more advanced makers. In the beginner project, we will make a simple circuit out of 8x - 10x Super Bright White LEDs wired in parallel and powered by a single rechargeable battery.
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DIY Light-Up Shoes

Light up your shoes in style! We'll guide you step-by-step until your kicks are surrounded in every color of the rainbow.
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Fairy LED Bracelet

Using epoxy inside a mold, we'll make a bracelet that lights up your wrist for all to see!
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More projects

Marquee Party Bag

This tutorial provides everything you need to know to make your own Marquee Party Bag!

Twinkle Zodiac Constellation

Create a quick and easy piece of e-textile art based on a Zodiac sign using a LilyTiny, LilyPad LEDs, battery holder, conductive thread, and coin cell battery.

LED Crystal Goddess Crown

Follow this tutorial to make your own Crystal Goddess Crown with LEDs!

Night Sky Halloween Costume

Make a beautiful night sky costume using the LilyPad LEDs and the LilyTiny.

DIY Heated Earmuffs

Embedded with heating pads and four Neopixel rings, these earmuffs do more than your average winter accessory to keep you warm while still looking good.


Paper Circuit Pin

This quick craft project shows you how to create a circuit using copper tape instead of wire to light up an LED and make a wearable piece of e-craft art.

The Great Big Guide to Paper Circuits

Let's take a look at different materials we can use to combine paper crafting and electronics.

Origami Paper Circuits

A quick tutorial to get you started in the world of light up origami flowers.

LED Robot Pop Up Card

Craft a paper circuit pop up card with a cycling RGB LED, battery, and copper tape.