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SparkFun ‘Free Day’ Promotion to Give Away $100,000 Worth of Products

BOULDER, Colo. November 25, 2009 — On January 7th, 2010, Boulder-based SparkFun Electronics is sponsoring what has aptly been named “Free Day” — a 14-hour shopping spree during which SparkFun products are — well — free. The event is on a first-come, first-served basis that allots a $100 credit toward one purchase per customer until $100,000 is reached.

The promotion is the brain-child of SparkFun CEO Nathan Seidle. Seidle, who founded SparkFun in 2003 while a student at the University of Colorado, says the reasons behind the giveaway are multiple.

“We want to say ‘thank you’ and give back to our community. We had a great year and want to acknowledge our customers who made it possible,” Seidle said. “January 7th also marks our 7th anniversary and we thought this would make one heck of a birthday party.”

While there won’t be any clowns at this birthday celebration (the office receptionist has, however, promised cupcakes), the promotion is going to serve another very practical purpose. In December, the SparkFun website will be relocating to new servers. It is the company’s hope that “Free Day” will provide a surge to the website to see just how much traffic the servers can handle.

With the economy still in a slump, individuals have more power and responsibility than ever to lead innovation. As such, SparkFun believes that the $100 credit will help spur dormant inventors and prototypers into action, giving them the extra incentive they need to start their next project. The company is also hopeful that the promotion will give those that are unfamiliar with DIY electronics a chance to flex their geek muscles.

“We hope to enable people who want to build their own electronics invention, but have been hesitant or don’t quite have the means in this economy,” Director of Marketing AnnDrea Boe said. “This will give them an excuse to jump start their project.”

The “Free Day” credit will continue to apply until the $100,000 limit has been reached and the discount will be reflected in the customers' carts before they complete check-out. For more information on “Free Day”, please visit

About SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun is a young and quickly growing company dedicated to enabling the electronics enthusiast with gear and resources. SparkFun was named the second fastest growing company in Boulder County by the Boulder County Business Report in 2008. For examples of how customers have used SparkFun products and services in the past, visit Hack-a-Day’s website or WIRED magazine’s article suggesting how SparkFun and SparkFun’s Batch PCB service fit into the Open Source Hardware movement. For insight on Nathan Seidle and the philosophy behind SparkFun, read this article from the February issue of Fortune Small Business.

For more information call AnnDrea Boe at 303-284-0979 extension 123, or email AnnDrea Boe at

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