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SparkFun Named to the Mercury 100 Top Ten for Fourth Consecutive Year


BOULDER, Colo. April 22, 2010 – On May 28, 2010, Boulder-based SparkFun Electronics was named to the top ten of the Mercury 100 Awards for the fourth consecutive year. The Mercury 100 Awards are given to the fastest growing companies in the greater Boulder area.


This year, SparkFun moved up two spots from the previous year to 6th on the list thank to revenue increases of approximately 174% over the past two years. SparkFun also became the only company to make the top ten for four consecutive years. Since the last Mercury Award, SparkFun has grown significantly, with the number of employees going from roughly 50 people to over 87. In that same time period, SparkFun surpassed 200,000 total orders and has built over 550,000 widgets for sale on their website.

SparkFun’s record growth can largely be attributed to the expansion of the DIY electronics community. Today, more and more people are taking electronics “into their own hands,” building homegrown devices and projects that can’t be found on the shelves of the local mega-mart. SparkFun’s customer base also continues to expand, and now includes students, engineers, inventors, hobbyists, artists, and musicians.

"It turns out that the sheer creative gumption of our customers is a force to be reckoned with,” said SparkFun CFO Jordan Hanie. “Our growth is due to their use of our products in all manner of amazing projects and their possession of that crafting, inventing, sense-of-wonder drive.”

Things continue to look up for SparkFun and embedded electronics enthusiasts worldwide as the number of available resources and products continue to grow. SparkFun is continually working to be on the cutting edge of DIY electronics with the goal of getting its customers hands on the most recently available technology.

About SparkFun Electronics


SparkFun is a young and quickly growing company dedicated to enabling the electronics enthusiast with gear and resources. For examples of how customers have used SparkFun products and services in the past, visit Hack-a-Day’s website or WIRED magazine’s article suggesting how SparkFun and SparkFun’s Batch PCB service fit into the Open Source Hardware movement. For insight on Nathan Seidle and the philosophy behind SparkFun, read this article from the February issue of Fortune Small Business.

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