SparkFun and Ponoko Join Forces to Offer Complete DIY Solutions


BOULDER, Colo. August 30, 2010 – SparkFun Electronics and New Zealand-based Ponoko have announced they are joining forces to offer do-it-yourself electronic enthusiasts a once-stop shopping destination for electronic gadgetry and custom-built enclosures.


Tinkerers, inventors, artists, and prototypers can visit Ponoko.com and with just on e click o’ the mouse, can order parts from SparkFun’s library of components, gadgets, widgets and sensors as well as purchase Ponoko’s custom materials. Ponoko’s complete line of enclosure resources combined with SparkFun’s product line will define the website as a “making hub” for DIY enthusiasts.

“This partnership with Ponoko is more than just business. Rather, it represents another step in our goal of ‘enabling electronic enthusiasts,’” said SparkFun Chief Operating Officer Trevor Zylstra. “SparkFun and Ponoko are working together to create an easy way for our customers to make polished, complete projects. We want the SparkFun community to have the resources to create unique custom enclosures for their projects. Working together with Ponoko, we think we have accomplished that.”

Ponoko, dubbed “the world’s easiest making system,” specializes in giving DIY designers, artists, inventors, and engineers the resources they need to create professional grade custom enclosures with greater ease than ever before in an open-community environment. This partnership with like-minded SparkFun represents a big step forward in the journey of custom homemade electronics.

About SparkFun Electronics


SparkFun is a young and quickly growing company dedicated to enabling the electronics enthusiast with gear and resources. For examples of how customers have used SparkFun products and services in the past, visit Hack-a-Day’s website or WIRED magazine’s article suggesting how SparkFun and SparkFun’s Batch PCB service fit into the Open Source Hardware movement. For insight on Nathan Seidle and the philosophy behind SparkFun, read this article from the February 2009 issue of Fortune Small Business.

For more information call AnnDrea Boe at 303-284-0979 extension 123, or email AnnDrea Boe at anndrea@sparkfun.com.

About Ponoko

Ponoko, the world’s easiest making system, is a custom product making service. It’s where creators can make their ideas real, and sell them to the world. With a free (or paid) online personal factory and showroom, creators can instantly price, make and sell their product ideas online. In the process of custom making and delivering more than 60,000 user-generated designs, Ponoko has reinvented how goods are designed, made and delivered leading to a cover story on Inc. magazine and profiles in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, BBC News, Financial Times, The Globe & Mail, WIRED magazine, Make magazine, The International Design Magazine and more.

For more information visit www.ponoko.com. You can also call Derek Elley at 415-335-4471 or email Derek at Derek.elley@ponoko.com.


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